I would do this for free.

I would do this for free.

This thing that I do for a living? Yeah. I can’t fathom NOT doing it.

In fact, for quite awhile (a few whole years, actually) , I couldn’t make ends meet doing it full time, and I did it anyway (on the side), and had a regular day job to stay financially solvent.

I think that’s a pretty good test to ask yourself, if you are thinking of becoming a full-time swing dance teacher, or even a part-time swing dance teacher (or fill in the name of whatever passion-driven career you can name)…

Would you do it anyway? Even if nobody paid you? Even if nobody EVER knew your name? Even if you never “made it” in your scene? If you never won any contests?

If so: carry on.

If not: be careful.

Otherwise, this world of teaching may not be for you. You need to be ready to never be “famous” or “successful” by common standards. You need to be thrilled and fulfilled by the successes of your students. And THEIR students. You need to know that you may never win anything. You may never get any awards. You may never take home a medal.


Despite all of that…

You might still have succeeded. Gloriously.


— Peter Flahiff (2015)

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