Corporate & Private Events

Make your event unforgettable with professional swing dancing! Peter and Lauren create entertainment to bring the heart and soul of bygone eras to your event. We are available to perform at a variety of private and public events including fundraisers, conferences, ribbon cutting ceremonies, parties, school assemblies, cultural festivals, theatrical performances, and music videos. Whether you’re looking for after-dinner entertainment, a dance act for a product launch, or a corporate event performance.

Here are some of the services that we can provide as dance entertainment for your event:

  • Short performances: Increase the energy level at your next event with an exciting performance by Lauren and Peter!  
  • “Crash course” lessons: We have over 40 years of combined experience getting brand new dancers out on the dance floor and having fun!  If your event has a theme, we can often tailor a lesson to the theme of your event (such as a 1920s Charleston lesson for a 20’s/Gastby/Roaring Twenties themed party, or a Lindy Hop lesson for a 1950s Sock Hop theme)
  • Swing DJs: Peter and Lauren are experienced DJs with extensive collections of swing era music designed to keep dance floors packed at your event. They have DJed at hundreds of swing dance events around the world, and are in high demand for events.
    • Note: We can provide appropriate music for swing dancing and Charleston, but we are not a replacement for a typical wedding/corporate event DJ who provides a greater variety of music. In addition our DJs do not come with a full PA/sound system.

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