Weekly Classes & Workshops

Join Lauren and Peter for their Balboa, Collegiate Shag and Lindy Hop class series as they explore the comforts of good partnering, dance history, and dynamic social dancing! Classes are 4-week series. Please read full class descriptions and requirements before attending.

March 6-27
  • Learn the basic rhythms and movements of Balboa including come arounds, adlibs/rhythm-stutters, and the history of this great swing dance! No dance experience required.
March 6-27
  • Explore more Balboa movements in Bal-Swing, including lollies, toss outs, out-and-ins, and swivels! Prereqs: Completion of Balboa 1 or equivalent. Comfortable with uphold/downhold basics, come arounds, and adlibs at variety of tempos.
March 6-27
  • Learn our approach to the basics of Collegiate Shag that makes this dance feel effortless and efficient, We’ll cover classic moves from the original Shag era, footwork stylings and rhythms to use throughout Shag. Prereqs: none.
Mondays at Samena Recreation Center, Bellevue, WALindy Hop Classes TBA
7:00pm Balboa 2A/2B/2C
8:00pm Collegiate Shag 1
Classes TBA as we search for a new venue
Intro to Swing
Lindy 1A/B/C
**In accordance with CDC guidelines and expert recommendations, to protect the vulnerable members of our global dance community, our classes will require proof of vaccination to attend: primary series of vaccination + bivalent booster OR masking if no bivalent. **No exceptions** Masks encouraged. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation as we all navigate these unusual times.**

Lindy Hop & Balboa Classes at Century Ballroom

Visit the Century Ballroom website for full class listings. Take our drop-in lesson at 9:00pm every Wednesday night and stay for the dance!
7:30pm Balboa 1
8:30pm Balboa 2A/2B/2C
6:00pm Lindy Hop 1
7:00pm Lindy Hop 3/Balboa 3
8:00pm Intro to Swing
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