Kenneth Comeaux, Nashville, TN

“Peter and Lauren are such amazing instructors!!! Classes were informative, well structured and an absolute blast. Their “Art of social dancing” class was a tremendous help, not just for understanding proper social dance etiquette but in providing leads and follows with a wonderful and eye opening view into the thoughts and neuroses we all seem to have as beginners. Their insights resulted in an immediate improvement of my confidence and enjoyment levels when social dancing. One of the most beneficial classes I have attended so far. Thank you both so very much for doing what you do.”

Lua Wolfe, Seattle, WA

“Peter and Lauren are amazing teachers. They are funny to lighten the mood and keep students engaged, they implement different techniques each time I see them, and they’re just plain delightful people! I will never skip out on one of their lessons as long as I can help it!”

Paton J. Lewis, Seattle, WA

“Peter and Lauren are phenomenal dance instructors. We love taking private lessons from them because we notice immediate and significant improvements in our dance afterward, and they are so very patient and gentle in delivering just exactly the feedback we need to be better dancers. Highly recommended!”

Heber Farnsworth, Seattle, WA

“I love Peter and Lauren’s teaching style and attention to detail. I’ve taken Balboa and a bit of Lindy from them, and I’m really learning to understand flow and feel of the dances, not just replicate some moves. Highly recommended!”

“Peter & Lauren recently visited Edmonton, Canada to teach a weekend of Balboa Workshops. Not only was my interest in Balboa reignited (there is not a lot of Balboa locally) but I also really connected with their teaching style. It was affirming to hear pros use the same terminology (dance is a team sport!), share the same philosophies as I do plus teach in such a fun & approachable way! On top of it all, I had to most lovely Switch Bal dance with Lauren over the weekend (let’s make Switch dancing more of a thing!) I can’t wait for them to come back this Fall!”

– Vicky Yeung (Instructor/Organizer, Edmonton, Canada)

“Lauren and Peter have been visiting our scene in Australia for the last three years and I cannot recommend them enough. As teachers, they combine humour, warmth, enthusiasm, and in-depth technical skill in a way that students have absolutely loved. As well as being great teachers, they have been a dream to work with- professional, organised and accommodating. If you can get them to come and teach for you or your event, do it!”

— Vedrana Budimir (Organizer of Fancy Feet, Adelaide, Australia)

“I have been working with Peter and Lauren in various capacities for over 5 years and have had nothing but amazing experiences with them. Their joy, and love of Swing dancing including Balboa and Shag shows through in every single class and infects students both old and new.
Their focus on making social dancing fun, comfortable and exciting is highly effective and makes for such an enjoyable weekend, I cannot recommend them highly enough!”

— Max Pogonowski (Harbor City Hoppers, Sydney, Australia)

“The Kansas City area loves having Peter and Lauren come here to teach weekend workshops! Students come up to me after class and thank me for bringing in Peter and Lauren and state that they are their favorite instructors.
Both of them infuse their humor and witty banter along with various teaching styles to help all types of learners.
They have a wide vocabulary and historical knowledge of most types of swing dance and working with them to plan workshops is fun & easy.”

— Heather Pepper, (Owner/Organizer of PepperBal Kansas City, USA)

“Lauren and Peter are an organizer’s dream to work with. They are professional, kind, and genuinely love what they do! I can’t wait to work with them again!!”

–Jessica Fields Leslie (President of DalKing’s Swing Dance Society)